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June 14, 2016

Relaa is an autonomous collective of cultural activists and practitioners. The collective is not funded by the government, any corporate sponsor or grant-making body. Our work continues with the support of friends and well-wishers from around the world, who believe in the power of cultural resistance.


anupam roy*Anupam Roy


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UPCOMING | Delhi Yatra 

In July 2016, the relaa collective will travel to Delhi. We will perform in colleges, union and factory spaces, slums and public spaces across the city. We require support to cover travel costs, production costs and artist honorariums.

Annually, we require support for the following activities:

Jamming & Recording: Towards creating cross collaborations between artists from various parts of the country ; recording of new songs and albums ; organizing artist residences for cross sharing and learning

Translation & Publishing: Towards translating poetry, songs, plays etc into different languages ; toward publishing material emerging from the relaa collective

Performances: Towards organizing performances in different parts of the country for various audiences