May 19, 2016

Relaa was founded with the hope that artists from different socio-political movements could work together and through their art, create spaces for conversation and solidarity. We  are a collective of cultural activists and independent artists across the country. Ours is an ongoing journey to keep the space for dissent alive, for diverse understandings, imaginations and embodiments of resistance. We do not wish to use the arts as an instrument for politics, but we wish to create forms with rigor, passion, boldness and conviction – forms that can haunt, move, disturb and provoke people to think beyond facts.


**This collective is independent of any institution/organization/party. At the moment, we are Kaladas Deheriya (Chhattisgarh) , Yalgaar (Maharashtra) ,  Angarika and Ekta (individual researchers/maraa) , Kabir Kala Manch (Maharashtra ), Shankar Mahanand (Orissa/Delhi), and Indian Folk Band (Karnataka). Several mentors, activists, writers and artists are associated with this process.

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